“...this relationship the most special of all”



As an internationally qualified, experienced and renowned animal behavior consultant my services include;

  • Consultation in the comfort of your own home.
  • Professional diagnostic procedure identifying the route source of the problem.
  • Demonstration of techniques to control unwanted behaviour.
  • Interdicting new members to the pack either human canine or feline
  • Provision of detailed behavioural modification program setting out the points raised during the consultation.
  • Follow up via telephone or email for progress report or modifications to program.
  • Liaise with vet on possible medical intervention or medication.
  • All types of problems from Digging, Barking. Aggression, Scent marking, Chewing separation anxiety and stress, sound and sight phobias.
  • One on one and group training for beginners and advanced dogs no more than five in a class.
  • Puppy socialization classes held in a healthy secure out door environment.