“...this relationship the most special of all”

Kitten Behaviour

Posted by JOHN FAUL on 01/03/2012

My involvement in cats as with Dogs began at a very early age as my grand father who was a renowned cat lover and trainer. Who was quite famous in our area for the tricks he could teach them and understanding their behaviour.

He had always said that the Cat was like the Dog and was capable of forming strong social groups that had a rank system based on genes and strength although he passed on before the making of a documentary made in a deserted grave yard in Rome.

They are by their very instinct social creatures who we thought only came together to mate or to fight over territory and food. This is how ever not how the cat sees it as shown in many research projects the most eminent of which by David Attenbourgh with his study of a cat colony in a grave yard in Rome where he clearly showed that the cat had in itsĀ  memory generational knowledge of how to firstly construct a social group and then how to order it in a way which avoided unnecessary conflict.

We, have changed parts of their natural instinct by retarding them into an infantile state through the continued breeding of the runts in the litter, and by the way we continue to treat them as kittens long after the Queen would have done. Therefore, both physically and mentally inhibiting their natural development, which is why we are able to keep them as pets in our domesticated environment?

Although there is no fair play or democratic or equality in the animal kingdom least of all in the feline world it is clear to be seen that they can live in harmony. Sadly as with all relationships things can go wrong from time to time and this is when you need help in sorting out the conflict there is the need to call in a specialist to sort out the problem.

Thank fully in the great majority of cases the problem behaviour can be sorted out to every ones sanctification where the catĀ  gets the Queen they need to look after them and we get the Kitten behaviour that we so adore.

Its easy when you think Cat