“...this relationship the most special of all”

About John Faul


Practicing Member of the Animal Behavior Consultants of South Africa
Associate Member of the Animal Care College and Canine Studies Institute, England

Vision and Aim
"... is to create a win win situation for both the animal and the person involved in the relationship.
Where the Dog/Cat or any other pet get the leader that they so desperately need


I studied at the Animal Care Collage, Canine Studies Institute Ascot House, London where we dealt with the complexities involved in the human animal interface.

During my early years of training and competing in Ireland I applied the methodology that my father had taught me, a technique called error less learning. Where the animal in question involved in the exercise was never allowed to feel like they had failed it would be encouraged to take as many different approaches as was needed. Until they figured it out and then the positive reinforcement would kick in leavening the recipient of the pay off, with a single happy memory of the exercise which made learning far much easier than the conventional methods of pull and choke into submission.

Since qualifying I have practised in Ireland, Great Britain, and Australia. I am now a resident of South Africa, living in Cape Town. Since immigrating to South Africa in 1996 I have written animal related articles for a numbers of newspaper and magazines including the Cape Times and Argus.

Over the last 9 years I have done countless radio programs for Cape Talk, 702 and SA FM which proved to be very popular.
I have also done television appearances for the SABC Morning Live and for ETV on the above mentioned subject. At present I hold teaching seminars and work shops to promote responsible pet ownership. I also run coerces in Canine behaviour and training and in the general care of Dogs and Cats.