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My name is JOHN FAUL. The primary focus of my work is on why animals do what they do, and how to create a behavioural environment using a pain punishment and pressure free approach to teach the individual involved to deselect or strengthen and retain differing behaviour types for them self's. It is through using this understanding that I create a balanced and caring relationship between humans and their animal companions leavening us the wise ones as their leader.

Since qualifying I have practised in Ireland, Great Britain, and Australia. I am now a resident of South Africa, living in Cape Town, where I have run a full-time practice as a registered practiceing member of the Animal Behaviour Consultants of South Africa since 1994. I specialise in the treating of behaviour problems in domestic animals which mostly include Dogs Cats and parrots.

The vision and aim of my practice is to create a win win situation for both the animal and the person involved in the relationship. Where the Dog/Cat or any other pet get the leader that they so desperately need. From those who poses the correct lingo Franco required to communicate their needs get the willing followers that make this relationship the most special of all.

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Posted by JOHN FAUL on 01/03/2012

My involvement in cats as with Dogs began at a very early age as my grand father who was a renowned cat lover and trainer.

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All is good this end. Erin has started reaching out to touch the Lucy,Lucky and the cats. Lucy doesn't seem to mind and Lucky just steers clear.

Cheers E.

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